November 2014

About This Site



New posts are shared at @the_completist and Tinyletter. Otherwise, the author is @iamrumz, and he logs his viewing on Letterboxd.


History & Intention

The Completist is a publication specializing in evaluations of careers, personalities, locations, and other groups of films. It intends to establish and share an expertise on the topic of cinema in general.

It launched in February of 2015 and is published roughly quarterly. For more information, read the inaugural post, “A Statement of Intentions.”


This publication is typeset in Tiempos Headline, Tiempos Text, Founders Grotesk X-Condensed and Pitch, all of which are available from Klim Type Foundry. It is managed with Kirby, a flat-file CMS.

Credits & Thanks

Posts have undergone a round or two of edits courtesy Lucie Shelly, Allen Tan, Cullen Gallagher, and others who will be mentioned here. Troy Griggs consulted on various design and scripting requests. Designed and built by the author.

The Author

Rumsey Taylor is formerly the creator and editor of Not Coming to a Theater Near You, a film publication that assumes a bias towards older and repertory cinema. He has additionally contributed to The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Boston Phoenix, The Brooklyn Rail, and Senses of Cinema. He works professionally as a graphic designer, and likes subway maps, drawing expressive to-do lists on the back of his hand, and not throwing shoeboxes away. His favorite film is probably The Fly.